Welcome to Rhythm Rock Ranch Havanese!


We have a small hobby farm in South Georgia.  Randy tends to our 5 Nigerian Dwarf Goats and a variety of chickens.  I have the pleasure of working with our dogs. Our dogs are raised and live in our home.  We currently have 4 retired Picards and our 3 Havanese.

I am a breeder owner handler for the last 14 years of Berger Picards and the last 3 of Havanese.  We strive to breed for temperament, health, structure and an all-around sound dog.

We also love doing performance with our dogs. We have participated in, conformation, rally, obedience, barn hunt, scent work, fast cats, lure coursing, trick dog, UpDog, disc dog and even some dock diving.

Our pups are raised using early Neurological Stimulation, along with Puppy Culture and Avidog protocols.  We try and give them a good foundation towards housebreaking, crate training and expose them to all kinds of situation so they become confident puppies.

Havanese are a lap dog that will give you laughs and lots of love.  Welcome into our world.

We are very excited to welcome our first litter of Havanese puppies at the end of August 2023.


Debby & Randy


Breeder Specialist for Lakeside Products, home of the Magnabox and Jonart whelping boxes, Magnadors, Lennypads, custom Dog boxes and kennels and much more.